. The emergency shelter is a building attached to the Refuge J. Ventosa i Calvell. The entrance is at the East side.
. The emergency shelter will be only open when the other part is not working.
. The purpose of the emergency shelter is to offer shelter to everyone who needs it when the other part is closed.
. To avoid overcrowding, it is recommended NOT to use the shelter for organised activities.
. The keeper of the refuge cannot guarantee the good conservation of the shelter. He is not in charge of clearing out the snow that may block the front door of the shelter either.
. It is necessary to bring a shovel in wintertime.
. In case of inclement weather or accident, the emergency shelter means a very important element of security. The Fire Station of Vielha is reachable from the emergency radio station inside the shelter.



Places – 8
Mattresses – Yes
Blankets – Yes
Heating – No
Gaz – No
Kitchen – No
Kitchenware – No
Table – Yes
Benches – Yes
Light – No

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